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While shopping here you will notice you will see no shipping or postage fees.  You will see no VAT charges.

This is because all shipping and postage is free to within the United Kingdom, and, all VAT charges are already included in the price.

This is to make your shopping experience as easy and as pleasant as possible, for you, our customer.

Having built up a following offline, we’ve decided to move into online selling, and market our products to a wider audience. Demand for herbs is huge, and is increasing due to various cookery programs such as The Great British Bake Off and Jamie at Home, and others such as Grow Your Own Drugs.

Here at The Dried Herb Co. we sell a range of Organic herbs from Anglesey Herbs.

Anglesey Herbs is Organically Certified by the Soil Association.  All products sold here are 100% Organic.
Anglesey Herbs Seeds

Organic Herb Seeds, from Anglesey Herbs